Norman Jacobs

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Cracked Eggs & Chicken Soup
Vivian Woodward - Football's Gentleman
Behind The Colonnade
Vivian Woodward - Football's Gentleman
West Cliff Story
Clacton on Sea: A Pictorial History
Clacton on Sea: Then & Now (in colour)
Clacton on Sea: Town and City
Clacton Past
Colchester: The Last Hundred Years
Crystal Palace Speedway
Eastbourne Speedway
Frinton and Walton
Norwich Speedway
Clacton on Sea
Out of the Frying Pan: The Story of New Crioss Speedway
Rye House Speedway
Speedway in East Anglia
Speedway in London
Speedway in the South East
Speedway Classic Meetings
The Sunshine Coast
Two Wimbledon Legends
Clacton In Camera
Wembley Speedway Pre-war
Tom Farndon: The Greatest Speedway Rider of Them All